CallClerk 5.8.8

Automatically manage logs and incoming calls
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Organize calls and caller logs while keeping an eye on who's calling using the caller ID identification as well as support for modern modems from known companies. Acts as an answering machine with the record feature built-in.

CallClerk is a caller ID application for Windows computers. It works just like any of your phone's caller ID functions, but it is way more customizable and allows you to set certain actions to be taken when you get a call.

For this application to work, first, you have to connect your phone line to your computer, and your phone to the out port of your modem. Only then, the application will be able to gather information about your calls. Also, you need to have some sort of Caller ID service. If you do, then you will be able to do lots of things with CallClerk. The most important feature is the ability to receive calls and know who is calling right from your computer screen. You can also assign ringtones to each of your callers in advance. If someone is stalking you, CallClerk can automatically hang up on him for you. The application communicates well with Outlook, so you can keep your contacts well-organized. CallClerk has web publishing functions that allow you to automatically upload your call history and your contacts to a website of your choice. Since CallClerk can operate as a system service, you don't need to remember to fire it up every time down the road.

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  • Very customizable
  • Works as a service


  • Poor modem support
  • You need caller ID support
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